Info for tomorrow's final

21 Sep 2018 in News

Info for tomorrow's final Info for tomorrow's final

Information for Players and Spectators travelling to tomorrow's final in Featherstone. 

Just a reminder for all teams involved on Saturday that you are responsible for the behaviour of players, coaches and spectators. Any poor behaviour will be dealt with by the YML Management Committee and sanctions imposed for future seasons. Spectators will not be allowed to bring any alcohol into the ground, only alcohol purchased inside can be consumed at the ground.


See rules below on technical areas for coaches




1. The RFL will provide technical areas for the finalists.


2. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 9 places for personnel who will be allowed in this area. In no event shall the number of officials in the technical area exceed these numbers.


3. Each team will confirm its players, officials and replacements on the team sheet and ensure that only such named persons are permitted to sit in the technical area during the games.


4. All team officials will be required to wear fluorescent bibs throughout the match.


5. Each team must ensure that all officials and players remain in the technical area at all times.


Persons allowed in the Technical Area: -


4 replacements  

Head Coach  

Assistant Coach  

First Aider

2 x Water Carriers


All teams to RESPECT players, coaches, match officials and staff to ensure an enjoyable day is had by everyone involved.



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